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About Your Holiday Contract

Your Holiday Contract


We are very happy that many clients (old and new) continue to book Villa Magica for their holidays on the Costa del Sol.


Thank you for booking your holiday with Villa Magica.


Any agreement with a 3rd party booking referrer e.g. booking.com, airbnb.com are with those providers rules and and we follow their guidelines if you have booked via them.


********Please note that this is your villa contract and is nothing to do with your contract with any flight companies. *******


We will confirm your holiday reservation and booking when we receive your deposit and contract booking forms and advise the date by which the final balance is due. We expect to receive your deposit within 3 working days to secure your booking. The person who signs the booking form will be responsible for the final payment and agrees to these terms and conditions.


Cancellation by Owners: The agent/owner reserves the right to refuse any booking and to cancel any bookings already made if the property is unavailable (e.g., through fire, flood, etc) for any reason whatsoever, subject to a full refund of all monies paid (but no further liability). The owner shall not be under any other liability if such cancellation occurs. Note: in the unlikely event of a cancellation the agent/owner will make every possible effort to secure alternative accommodation if required.

Damage Deposit

We require a €500 damage deposit payable by Paypal, and this is refundable after we have satisfied ourselves that there has been no damage sustained to the property.

Of course, we accept that the odd glass gets broken etc. We are very fair with this, it is for our protection, and so that all who stay at Villa Magica respect the property.

IMPORTANT – We cannot be liable for any changes made by flight companies or changes made to flight times and any cancellations made by them. We will not be liable if we cannot carry out our obligations to provide your holiday under this contract, due to any of the following:


1. Political disputes or force majeure


We cannot be held responsible for failing to provide your holiday if caused by any malicious or willful action, negligence, misuse or third party interference or any defect, damage, occasioned by fire, lightening, explosion, flood, storm, tempest, impact or any other extraneous cause.


We will not be responsible for a cancelled holiday due to defect or damage occurring from failure of the public electricity, gas, water supply, road works or any ruling made by the committee of owners of La Capellania Community where the villa is located.


We will not be responsible for any failure out of our direct control. Refunds or any compensation will be at the sole discretion of the owners.


The owners reserve the right to change specifications without notice.


You must indicate which domestic service options you will require at the time of booking, on the booking form. Please sign to confirm your booking, and that you fully understand the details of your requirements and you have fully read our terms and conditions as set out herein.


Please email the booking form with your deposit or pay with PayPal and we will send your receipt and confirmation document plus your final balance due date, thank you.


Travel insurance is strongly recommended as we cannot entertain any claims for loss, damage or injury howsoever caused. Please make sure, however, that they are giving you all the cover you need because every insurance policy is different, and you may wish for a fuller and more comprehensive cover. If this is the case it may cost more, we would suggest you check the cover first before you decide. Please feel free to WhatsApp 0034 627708854 for any further information you may require.


2. Limited liability -Save in respect of any death or personal injury claim caused by the negligence of the Property Owner, the Property Owner cannot accept liability for any damage, expense or loss of any nature whatsoever suffered by any person(s) from any cause whatsoever.



The Property Owner shall not be liable to you for any loss of profit, consequential loss or other indirect losses under the terms of this Agreement.


For the avoidance of doubt, the Property Owner takes every care to ensure that the accuracy of property descriptions and information contained on the website of Villa Magica are correct at the time of publication. However, in the event of any good faith error, the Property Owner cannot accept any liability. There are no warranties, conditions, guarantees or representations as to description merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or other warranties, conditions, guarantees or representations whether express implied by statute or otherwise oral or in writing except as provided herein or such as cannot be excluded by law. The use of any amenities, where offered, such as swimming pools, barbeques etc. is entirely at the user’s risk and the Property Owner can accept no responsibility for any death or personal injury (save to the extent that such death or personal injury was caused by the negligence of the Property Owner). The Property Owner accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any such death or personal injury.

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